Our goal is to integrate security into the fabric of the mobile network.

Telecom26's mobile service platform combines security, mobility, and global connectivity into a single powerful system.


One of the unique aspects of the Telecom26's Mobile Service Platform is that is allows customers to have significantly more control over the authentication, authorization, and access control services associated with their SIMs. Telecom26's vision is to enable enterprises to maintain and enforce their mobile security policies by enabling control of their mobile subscriptions, services and SIMs through the Mobile Service Platform.


Telecom26's MSP supports all the features associated with both full mobile services as well as M2M, to include Voice SMS, and data services.

What makes us unique is that we allow customers to fully customize their mobile services, such as rate plans, MSISDNs, tariffs, and services.


In building our platform, we have partnered with other GSMA operators from around the world to extend our global reach by tightly integrating our network with other mobile operators in order to achieve worldwide roaming coverage for our full mobile service and M2M solutions. Also, through our relationship with Inmarsat, we are developing unique global access solutions that allow our SIMs to be used virtually anywhere on Earth.

Telecom26 AG is a member of the GSMA Association and is registered with the Swiss Authority on Telecommunications

A member of the GSMA Association
Registered Swiss Telecommunications Authority