Securing the Internet of Things.

Integrating mobility, security and global network connectivity.

Telecom26's Mobile Service Platform allows operators to offer a multi-IMSI solution with full data and SMS service. The platform allows operators, enterprises and mobile VAS partners to customize their services and manage deployed SIMs worldwide. The platform is designed to provide rapid, real-time changes to SIM subscriptions giving an operator the ability to offer globally dynamic subscriber subscriptions. For example, custom rate plans may be developed and managed in real-time, while subscribers are traveling. In addition, data QoS fields may be modified in real-time, based on usage on SIM location.

The mobile service platform is designed for solutions within the following markets:



  • Travel SIM solutions
  • Enterprise solutions
  • M2M
  • Enterprises

  • Manage subscribers
  • Real-time data usage
  • Location aware
  • Low cost roaming
  • Mobile analytics
  • Dynamic rate plans
  • VAS Mobile Service Providers

  • Manage subscribers
  • Real-time data usage
  • Location aware
  • Low cost roaming
  • Security
  • Static IPs
  • Benefits

    Manage roaming coverage for M2M/IoT applications

    • Optimize data rates based on M2M deployments
    • Limit liability of M2M SIMs

    Global Coverage

    • Multiple operators per country
    • Ability to steer by IMSI and network operator

    Dynamic Rate Plans

    • Truly custom rate plans
      • Multiple IMSI choices
      • Multiple MSISDN choices

    Customer controlled IP routing

    • Route traffic out subscriber's home country
    • Network routing without requiring fixed APN
    • least cost routing maximizing QoS

    Integrated Security - AAA

    • Authentication: Customer controlled server (coming soon)
    • Accounting: Real-time control of data usage
    • Authorization: Control SIM subscriptions

    Sample Applications:

    • SCADA sensors
    • Vehicle (TCU - Telematics Control Unit)
    • Alarm system - cellular monitoring
    • Cellular modems for remote server administration