Our Network

Integrating mobile, satellite, and IP into a single secure network.

As a GSMA member, our company maintains relationships with many of the world's largest operators. At present, we have roaming relationships that give us access to over 700 mobile operators worldwide. This list of roaming partners is constantly growing.

Telecom26's network is designed to provide traditional full mobile services along with M2M services. Our core network is architect-ed to expose various mobile network functionality via an API allowing customers to easily take advantage of our service.

Satellite Roaming

Telecom26 offers roaming onto satellite networks such as Inmarsat and Thuraya. In addition, Telecom26 offers bundled terrestrial and satellite-based solutions to include dual SIM capabilities with shared MSISDNs across both the satellite and terrestrial devices. Our platform enables operators to control and manage subscribers and services across both terrestrial and space based mobile services.

IP Backbone

Telecom26 operates an “all IP” network with regional points of presence in many of the major Internet hubs. This “all IP” network is used to provide backhaul for our mobile services as well as support other bespoke solutions. Telecom26 leverages MPLS and IPSEC encryption to protect all aspects of our transmission network. Our GRX connectivity is delivered via IPX connections utilizing MPLS technology. Wire speed encryption is used to protect traffic up to the gigabit level.