Mobile Service Platform

Designed to meet the needs of global operators, corporations and solution providers

The mobile service platform is designed to provide control of subscriber subscriptions, mobile services, and SIMs roaming worldwide. It consists of a fully integrated legacy core network and evolved packet core providing 3G and LTE services. Through a set of APIs and a web interface, subscriber subscriptions and mobile services are entirely manageable. In addition, online and offline charging functions provide near real-time reporting and control of mobile services.


The mobile service platform is designed to provide solutions for MVNE/MVNOs, Enterprises, and VAS Mobile Service Providers. It is designed to integrate into existing networks and solutions to enhance and augment existing mobile service offerings.


  • Travel SIM Solutions:
    • Manage Rate Plans Dynamically
    • Access to large pool of MSIDNs
  • Enterprise SIM Solutions
    • Extensive Global Roaming
    • Manage Rate Plans Dynamically
    • Travel Advisory Services
    • Dynamically Manage IMSIs and ISDNs


  • Provide employees travel SIMs
    • Extensive global roaming with managed rates
    • Travel advisory services
    • Integrated security features
    • Integrate local PBX with GlobalSIM
  • Integrate M2M SIMs into products
    • Location Aware APIs
    • Low Cost Roaming
    • Flexibility to Increase IMSIs
  • Operate a local mobile network for in Building Services
    • Provide inbound roaming for non-GlobalSIM subscribers
    • Ability to provide local breakout for enterprise control of data traffic
    • PBX Integration Ability

VAS Mobile Service Providers

  • Travel Advisory Service Integration into VAS services

Telecom26 AG is a member of the GSMA Association and is registered with the Swiss Authority on Telecommunications

A member of the GSMA Association
Registered Swiss Telecommunications Authority