Revenue Assurance Specialist

The Revenue Assurance Specialist is responsible for collecting, processing and analyzing billing records of any type for report generation and identification of errors generated by the VPLMN or an outbound roaming partner. In addition, the Revenue Assurance Specialist will manage a near real-time data exchange platform and monitor high usage reports generated from multiple mobile networks. Anomalies and inconsistencies will be investigated and resolved. Specialist works closely with data and financial clearing house to manage TAP and RAP billing processes.


  • Analyze TAP files and other billing data
  • Monitor NRTDE data and high usage reports
  • Work with DCH and roaming partners in revenue assurance inconsistencies
  • Develop and implement revenue assurance policies and procedures
  • Works closely with DCH/FCH to implement RA policies and procedures
  • Manage Transferred Account Procedures (TAP) and Returned Account Procedures (RAP) for outbound and direct roaming partners


  • Previous mobile billing experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics or Finance or 3+ years experience in mobile industry billing
  • Extensive data mining, computational and analytical skills
  • Excellent and structured problem solving skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Expert Microsoft Office skills (especially Excel)
  • Ability to work with external partners to resolve billing discrepancies
  • Attention to Detail

Additional Consideration for candidates with following skills/contributions:

  • Bilingual
  • Data Clearing and Financial Clearing House Experience
  • Wholesale carrier-to-carrier experience
  • Demonstrates more than 4+ years of experience
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