Our History

Since our foundation in 2012, we’ve created an innovative, flexible network, fully virtualised and distributed, with a global footprint. We’re constantly extending our boundaries, through our own developments and best-in-class partnerships.

Innovative. Virtual. Flexible. Scalable.

We built our network from the ground up, to deliver global services, with the highest levels of security and flexibility.

We’ve enjoyed years of growth, enriching our portfolio each year. Our network has expanded, establishing over 1100 connections, ensuring the widest possible coverage. We cover all access technologies and are investing in new 5G offers.

Our offers are based on continuous evolution and investment, as well as key partnerships to bring complementary solutions to our portfolio. Find out more about our key milestones and how we contribute to the mobile community, with a world-leading solution and the most extensive global network.

  • 2012


    Telecom26 was founded in Switzerland and established as a Swiss entity

  • 2012

    Mobile Services

    Launched mobile services across EU and North America as an MVNO

  • 2014

    Join gsma and itu

    Joined GSMA as an Associate Member, and full member of ITU

  • 2014

    Full MVNO rollout

    Launched full MVNO services, with owned and managed infrastructure, covering 700 networks

  • 2015

    IoT and LTE

    Premiered M2M / IoT service portfolio with a non-geographic PLMN code. Delivered global LTE connectivity and enterprise focus

  • 2017

    Maritime and telematics

    Full maritime service offering, with inbound and outbound services. Full GSMA Operator Member and launch of telematics solution with GPS Global

  • 2018

    Healthcare solution

    Healthcare diagnostic solution with FIND and Authentication as a Service (2FA) providing added security for enterprise customers and vertical markets

  • 2018

    Global Wi-Fi roaming

    Global Wi-Fi roaming partnership with EDCH. Launched new subscriber vulnerability and security notification feature

  • 2019

    More partnerships

    Partnership with IP Access for 5G solution development spanning maritime and private networks. Remote and rural private / semi-private network offer launched

About Telecom26

Independent with an uncompromising focus on quality

We are a global mobile operator, operating our own infrastructure and leveraging relationships with more than 1100 network connections to secure unrivalled global coverage.

We offer the widest coverage, optimised quality and highest levels of security, backed by competitive pricing to meet the needs of enterprises, governments, OEMs and NGOs, locally, nationally and internationally – without boundaries.

The team

Experienced leaders and innovators

Our team includes recognised industry experts and experienced leaders, who are responsible for our vision, strategy, delivery and innovation.

We’re shaping the future of mobile service delivery, across land, air and sea, ensuring that secure and reliable solutions can be brought to anyone or anything. Meet the team that built the world’s first fully virtualised global operator.


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