Connectivity solutions for your business

As a global connectivity service provider, we allow you to focus on your business goals and growth, so you can drive success, wherever required. We give you full control of subscriber management, connectivity and policies, providing optimised performance.

Extend your global reach
and footprint

Secure connectivity, for people and devices, with full control and the performance you need

We offer a truly global solution which matches your ambitions and requirements, backed by a unique mix of network assets. Benefit from a single, global agreement, reducing your costs and simplifying operations.

Security is integral to our offer, with options to ensure complete protection and compliance with global regulations. Obtain the security you need, with full control of connectivity packages and deployed solutions, from a leading global connectivity service provider.

any network

Any network

  • 1100+ connections
  • Multiple networks per country
  • Access neutral
any device

Any device

  • Device neutral
  • Single SKU
  • Extended lifecycle
any time

Any time

  • Fully redundant
  • Dedicated accounts
  • 24/7/365 support
any service

Any service

  • Voice, messaging, data
  • VPN connectivity
  • NB-IoT & LTE-M

Maritime Onboard, ship-to-ship & shore, or asset tracking

Maritime communications services with full mobile connectivity, while near shore and at sea, for every type of vessel, private, public or cargo.
Private networks

Private networks Self-contained, secure infrastructure

Highly secure private networks for temporary or permanent use, with protected interconnection. Our experience ensures on-time and problem-free deployments, even in the most remote regions.

ConnectivitySimple deployment and smooth operations

Our global footprint and universal network access ensure a complete solution for companies that seek connectivity. Data, voice and messaging are available, enabling secure, reliable communications.

Choose the performance levels you need Enabling Critical Communications

Telecom26 delivers the highest level of coverage, reliability, security, flexibility and functionality required for each of the critical communications categories and the corresponding vertical markets they serve
  • safety critical

    Safety Critical*

    e.g. Autonomous Cars
  • mission critical

    Mission Critical

    e.g. Traffic Management
  • security critical

    Security Critical

    e.g. Healthcare Diagnostics
  • business critical

    Business Critical

    e.g. Fleet Management
  • non-critical

    Non Critical

    e.g. Consumer Service
* Future Offering
business critical


  • Provide services vital to business viability
  • Enable solutions to make near real-time decisions
  • Focus on reducing cost of failure based on down time
security critical


  • Provide near guaranteed encrypted end-to-end comms
  • Zero vulnerability points on network, services or devices
  • Enhanced security protecting device, data, identity and location
mission critical


  • Enable end-to-end failure free services
  • Enable the ability for solutions to detect anomalies for advanced and predictive maintenance services
  • Push network intelligence to the edge for highest quality of service

Why work with us? Partnering with Telecom26



What you need, where you need it, across any network

Truly global coverage and the most comprehensive set of network partners ensures out-of-the-box connectivity, across cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite links. We work closely with you to deliver a turnkey solution, tuned to your specific needs.



We deliver the quality you need for your specific services

Built with an advanced, geo-redundant architecture, across distributed global data centers, our network ensures maximum uptime and consistent performance. Proactive assurance means that our network delivers the best experience for all customers and devices.



Predictable costs, aligned with your business and goals

Pricing plans tailored to meet your needs and which grow with your business. A single account and a single SKU reduce operational expenses and delivers predictable cost control for all users and devices.



Optimised for your needs, delivering your services

Our connectivity solves your problems, in the most remote and challenging environments, allowing you to deliver the services you need. We combine wireless / cellular technology with satellite, to ensure coverage and mobility, anywhere.



Mitigate risk and protect your assets

We enable fully secure networking, with dedicated APNs, a choice of IMSI ranges and SIM authentication. Select the level of security you need, including data encryption. Vulnerability protection with automated alerts.



Complete account and device control, via our portal

We are a global connectivity service provider that enables complete solution and service control with subscriber and device management capabilities through an intuitive portal. API access to your back-end services ensures close integration with your key systems.

The network Optimise connectivity and coverage for your needs

Our global footprint allows us to optimise the connectivity and coverage we offer to suit your application, whether for seamless connectivity, or dedicated, private networks.

We provide expert domain knowledge to ensure we understand what you need and deliver an SLA to suit your requirements. We take care of connectivity, while you focus on your business growth.

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