Delivering the highest levels of IoT security

We’ve invested heavily in building the most robust, resilience network, backed by the highest standards of IoT security. We protect your assets and ensure that you enjoy seamless service with no disruption and exclusive, private APNs.

Provisioning control and architectural redundancy

From IoT SIM to server, all the way to the core

Our IoT security is based on two core principles – provisioning control and a fully redundant architecture. There are no weak links and managed connectivity is assured, from the cell site to your application servers.

Multi-path connectivity provides resilience from the RAN to our globally distributed mobile core, while the ability to support connectivity to multiple mobile network operators in each site delivers radio redundancy.

End to end assurance and security

  • Device authentication with remote SIM / IMEI locking
  • Private APN and VPN tunnelling
  • Globally distributed mobile core
  • Continuous uptime with zero failure
  • Ultra-high availability

End-to-end IoT security and resilience Protecting your devices and services, wherever they are

IoT Security begins in the RAN, with SIM authentication protocols, ensuring that only authorised devices can access our network. We dynamically allocate fixed IP addresses, providing unique identification for the data session.

A uniquely assigned private APN for each enterprise ensures true traffic isolation across a secure, dedicated IP connection.

Prevent fraud, mitigate risk

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Data authentication and accounting
  • Usage and alerts
  • Dynamic steering
  • Control and caps on service
  • Real-time billing information
Protecting your devices and services, wherever they are

Vulnerability protection Proactive, real-time control to eliminate risk

We provide proactive, real-time control that ensures complete monitoring of devices, accounts and SIMs. Continuous monitoring is supported, so that threats and unexpected behaviour can be quickly identified.

This means actions can immediately be taken to prevent disruption. Integration across platforms means that alarms and alerts can be shared with key business processes, giving dynamic operational insights.

Proactive, real-time control to eliminate risk diagram

Designed for the most robust performance

Our network is built for IoT security at every level. Our solutions are optimised for different levels of performance and for specific verticals. We have multiple options, based on a well-proven process.

We’ll work with you to determine risks and to select the correct IoT security procedures and protocols for your needs, based on our expertise and your applications. You can depend on our network to support your business goals.

robust performance

The network Optimise connectivity and coverage for your needs

Our global footprint allows us to optimise the connectivity and coverage we offer to suit your application, whether for seamless connectivity, or dedicated, private networks.

We provide expert domain knowledge to ensure we understand what you need and deliver an SLA to suit your requirements. We take care of connectivity, while you focus on your business growth.

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