Comprehensive IoT Service management portal

We provide a comprehensive IoT service management portal that gives you complete control over your devices and services. It’s a rich IoT service platform, that provides at-a-glance status visibility and deep insights to manage performance.

Complete life-cycle management
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End-to-end control, from service activation to billing, analytics and reporting

Our IoT service platform offers everything you need to support your business and to enable seamless growth. It includes a suite of applications that are optimised to enable efficiency and to automate key processes.

The GUI conveys the information you need, clearly and concisely, giving full visibility of your account and assets. It provides both real-time and historic data, so you can track performance and ensure delivery of KPIs.

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IoT Service Management Portal Proactive assurance and ticket management

The IoT service management portal is tightly integrated with our network, enabling accurate real-time reporting. API access allows integration  with your systems, ensuring business process alignment and data sharing between platforms.

As well as allowing you to control services and network connectivity, the IoT service platform provides proactive assurance and complete ticket and problem management.

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Manage your IoT Services Track and configure devices and services, in real-time

Easily manage your device fleet and associated services, reviewing their status, location and performance. New SIMs can be provisioned prior to delivery, allowing out-of-the box connectivity when they reach their destination. Networks are selected based on profile settings for the most flexible approach to suit different conditions and locations.

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Provide the right information, to the right user

Assign new users and manage their access levels, with complete control of policies and security profiles. Each member of your team can access the information they need to ensure smooth service delivery from the comprehensive IoT service management platform.

Operational staff can remotely control and configure SIMs, while finance can track expenditure and assess business performance. The insights delivered ensure you stay on track and allow you to refine and enhance performance.

SIM management

SIM management

  • Mobile service activation & suspension
  • Programable SIM (multi-profile, multi-IMSI)
  • Authentication of devices and services
  • Visibility into active SIMs globally
  • Service & identity vulnerability alerting
Profile management

Profile management

  • Zero touch automatic provisioning
  • Configure MSISDN and IMSI per subscription
  • Provision services and preferred networks remotely
  • Programable steering: coverage / cost / performance
  • Permissions based service and application restrictions
  • Create alerts based on SIM activity
User administration

User administration

  • Hierarchical account management configuration
  • Flexible role based permissions
Self care

Self care

  • Online trouble ticketing
  • Customer visibility and tracking of tickets
  • Remote troubleshooting and FAQs
  • Access to service and device documentation
Analytics & reporting

Analytics & reporting

  • Lowest data increment billing possible
  • Usage alerting, suspensions and throttling
  • Near local service rating cost
  • Least cost, profile based steering
  • Prepaid, postpaid and solution based pricing
Billing management

Billing management

  • Audit logs for all SIM activity
  • Real-time and historical usage reporting
  • Ability to track, trace and manage connectivity
  • Device discovery and diagnostics

The network Optimise connectivity and coverage for your needs

Our global footprint allows us to optimise the connectivity and coverage we offer to suit your application, whether for seamless connectivity, or dedicated, private networks.

We provide expert domain knowledge to ensure we understand what you need and deliver an SLA to suit your requirements. We take care of connectivity, while you focus on your business growth.

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