Our IoT global roaming network

Our IoT network offers truly global reach, backed by a distributed, virtual core. It ensures IoT global roaming coverage, wherever you need it, for mobile and IoT services.

A Tier 1 network,
delivering Tier 1 performance

Supporting your IoT services and applications, with the quality and performance they demand

We’ve built one of the most advanced mobile networks in the world. It offers both IoT global roaming coverage and reach, backed by performance tuned to the needs of your business.

Security is fundamental. Our core network is designed with security in mind from the ground up. We isolate traffic, provide private APNs and take all necessary measures to protect your assets and business.

Unrivalled coverage The most extensive global footprint, across land, sea and air

We have the most comprehensive set of network partners and relationships, ensuring out-of-the-box connectivity across cellular and satellite links.

We continuously extend our footprint, with new partnerships regularly added to our portfolio. Our connectivity, private network and maritime solutions span key markets such as healthcare, telematics, maritime, government and humanitarian / disaster relief.




Active on 300 networks daily across the globe


Local numbers in over 15 countries

IOT Global Roaming Reach Service delivery and control

Our network is globally distributed and is built for the next generation of services. It’s access neutral, allowing IoT global roaming connectivity from any location and for any service, data, voice and messaging.

Every customer has access to their own management portal, ensuring full control of services and devices, backed by our continuous service monitoring and reporting. We’re continuing to invest, so we can deliver the low-latency and high reliability required by mission and service critical applications.

Service delivery and control

Built for performance Solution Architecture

Our network architecture supports a complete range of mobile and IoT services, across different verticals. Whatever your industry, we can deliver the reliability and specific performance you need, whenever and wherever you want it. It’s ready for 5G and a new class of demanding and differentiated applications.



Bilateral roaming agreements with more than 1100 network connections, ensuring consistent coverage in any location and secure routing. Flexible roaming, dynamic or steered.

mobile core

Mobile core

Geographically distributed and highly resilient mobile core infrastructure built for global multi-network services, providing all OSS / BSS processes and full mobile services.

Private APN

Private APN

Uniquely assigned private APN directs traffic to a secure dedicated mobile core network managed by Telecom26 that is independent of the local mobile network operator.



Unmatched scale, Telecom26 is the world’s largest connectivity provider with operations in 232 countries, with over 1100 network connections.


Multiple layers of security including data encryption from SIM to customer application server, static IPs, customer control/firewall of IP traffic, vulnerability protection and IMEI locking.



Comprehensive, easy to use, and robust portal allowing customer account control with API access to back-end services, enabling dynamic control of each subscriber and device.