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What does 5G offer for super yachts?

There’s already speculation in some quarters regarding the potential role that 5G can play in the super yacht sector, drawing on other activities within the maritime industry. It will certainly enable new applications, enhance automation and help deliver better coverage for both people and devices – but let’s make sure we get LTE right first.


What will 5G mean for maritime communications?

5G has a key role to play as a self-contained ship-based network to serve massive deployments of IoT devices and applications in maritime environments. It will allow full ship-wide coverage, across thousands of containers and their cargo, while also supporting new forms of documentation and ledgers.


Private networks – VIP and portable campus connectivity

Private networks are gaining interest for industrial and enterprise use cases – but they also address very specific communications needs. What’s needed is the capability to deliver permanent, temporary or portable solutions, with the flexibility to enable full control to the users.


GPS Global selects Telecom26 AG as connectivity partner for Fleet tracking management service across South America

gps global logoZug Switzerland – 26 February 2018 – GPS Global selects Telecom26 as their connectivity partner for expanding their fleet management tracking business across the South American continent, using Telecom26’s global multi-IMSI M2M SIMs. The importance of the multi-network Global Smart SIM means that if a vehicle cannot connect on one network, the Global Smart SIM will automatically connect to the next available network to eliminate coverage issues. The connectivity solution ensures that multiple networks are covered in each country, so the customer vehicles can pass through multiple countries and poor coverage areas without disruption to the connectivity service.


Wavemobile selects Telecom26 AG to provide a Mobile ID Two Factor Authentication 2FA Solution


wavemobile logoSwitzerland: - February 2018 – Wavemobile selects Telecom26’s two factor authentication 2FA solution for its mobile subscribers. Wavemobile requires a solution to validate and protect its subscribers, while avoiding the reliance on weak authentication mechanisms such as usernames & passwords. In addition, the solution must be based on network functions virtualization (NFV) architecture, eliminating a need for additional hardware and also providing a secure, scalable and cost effective solution. Telecom26’s Mobile ID 2FA is ideal in this case, as it allows mobile subscribers to be validated using mobile technology designed specifically for two factor authentication.


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