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Telecoms in Malawi: How our IoT SIM cards are being used in digital healthcare programmes

Telecom26 provides telecom services across Africa with customers and partners in almost every country.

We have previously looked at how we are helping with the rollout of digital healthcare programmes in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Ghana.   

This week we will take a look at telecoms in Malawi, another country in Africa where Telecom26 has a strong presence and is providing connectivity to IoT Healthcare programmes being rolled out by Big Pharma customers, Healthcare diagnostic partners and NGOs, including SystemOne.


Loon’s 4G balloons in Africa grab the headlines this week

After nine years of R&D and testing, Google’s sister firm Loon this week announced that a fleet of balloons is now providing broadband services in Kenya. According to this post by Alastair Westgarth, Loon’s CEO, this is a first in many ways: the first non-emergency use of Loon to provide connectivity on a large-scale basis, the first application of balloon-powered internet in Africa, and the first of what will be many commercial deployments around the world”.