Maritime Cellular ConnectivityGlobal coverage for maritime and shipping applications

Global Coverage for ships & vesselsFrom ocean to harbour, we’ve got you covered.

We offer a complete range of maritime cellular communications services, covering on-board ship-to-shore, nearshore and asset tracking.

Optimised satellite backhaul and macro connectivity means you’re always in touch with staff and devices, and can provide reliable on-board services. As a global maritime cellular operator, we provide the maritime connectivity you need

Global IoT connectivity for the Maritime industry

Global Connectivity for cargo, crew, passengers and devices

Telecom26 offers customised maritime and marine communications solutions that seamlessly integrate inbound and outbound roaming, with full support of data services. A range of QoS options ensure that you obtain the right performance levels for each application.

We offer flexible security levels, allowing you to choose the protection you need. This means you can ensure full privacy, while offering commercial services to passengers alongside data services.

On-Ship, Offshore, Nearshore and at Port

  • Fully secure, dedicated maritime and terrestrial networks
  • Satellite or cellular maritime communications
  • Data, voice and messaging
  • Comprehensive management portal and control
  • Local routing with no offload, reducing backhaul costs

Nearshore @ sea

Instant, seamless maritime connectivity for nearshore or onshore communications

  • Global Roaming
  • Same SIM
  • SIM Management
  • Multiple Profiles

Full network @ sea

Passenger, crew and operational maritime connectivity for mobile and IoT services

  • Guest Roaming
  • IoT Enabler
  • Continuity of Service
  • 2G, 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi

Backhaul @ port

Consolidate harbour and port communications with private networking

  • High Data Speeds
  • Low Cost
  • Real-time Control
  • QoS

Telecom26, the world’s best choice for maritime connectivity

Maritime cellular connectivity
We’ve got you covered – everywhere

We’re a full-service provider of maritime communications, with flexible, cost-effective options to meet a wide range of needs.

We deliver personal and crew services, with managed data capabilities for the digital ship and IoT devices at sea.

IoT connectivity for Maritime

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IoT connectivity for Maritime

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