eSIMs - Industry, Handset Manufacturers and MNOs All Figuring Out The Opportunities and Benefits of eSIMs
18 August 2021

eSIMs - Industry, Handset Manufacturers and MNOs All Figuring Out The Opportunities and Benefits of eSIMs

18 August 2021

In April we announced that eSIMS are now available for Telecom26’s global roaming service. This was followed swiftly by our first big customer win with GlobalmatiX, choosing Telecom26’s eSIMs to provide mobile connectivity for its in-car fleet management systems – used by global car rental firms including Enterprise, Alamo and National.

 A recent report from Juniper Research found that the number of eSIMs installed in connected devices will rise from 1.2bn in 2021, to 3.4bn in 2025, a 180% increase.  

While eSIM will play an increasingly important role in enabling smarter connectivity for IoT services and devices, Juniper predicts that the consumer sector will account for 94% of global eSIM installations by 2025 primarily driven by the number of commercially available eSIM-compatible smartphones”.

The most lucrative opportunities for MNOs - and also attractive for frequent travellers- will revolve “around mobile roaming activities”. Using eSIM data plans, subscribers will only have to buy a data plan to cover the country they are travelling to using a pay-as-you-go model with no upfront subscriptions.

Meanwhile, Juniper predicted that oil and gas, manufacturing and logistics will be the primary users of eSIMs in the industrial sector with “eSIM installations in these verticals growing from 28m units in 2021 to 116m by 2025”.

Most commentators would put this increase down to large-scale M2M deployments in these sectors with eSIMs making mobile connectivity easier to install and manage.

Telecom26, our eSIM global roaming service - and our customers

The team of experts at Telecom26 expect demand for our eSIM service to come a variety of sectors:

  • organisations with employees who frequently travel overseas - our global roaming service provides seamless connectivity across 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in more than 220 countries with no bill shock at the end of a trip.
  • Shipping, freight and logistics sectors including cargo companies which will use eSIMs to track vehicle movements and maintenance as well as the condition of goods.

Telematics, eSIMs and Telecom26

Telecom26 was chosen by GlobalmatiX to provide connectivity for its telematic service following a competitive tender process involving the world’s largest MNOs.

GlobalmatiX’s disruptive and innovative telematics solution has already been installed in thousands of vehicles worldwide to provide remote vehicle diagnostics information to fleet managers in real-time. 

Initial rollout of the Telecom26 eSIM Telematic service will be to GlobalmatiX’s customer MSS Holding AG, operator of the rental car companies Fleet Service, Helvetic Mobility and licensee of the Enterprise, Alamo and National brands in Switzerland.

Telecom26 eSIM profiles will be installed into in-car boxes providing always-on connectivity with data being transmitted to GlobalmatiX’s cloud management system.

Telecom26’s Global Roaming Service provides GlobalmatiX with a number of new features not available from other operators including:

  • Full control over its connectivity which enables it to offer different packages to its customers. For example, a real-time service which provides immediate data over the fastest networks is available as well as a package for which Telecom26 can provide optimised least cost roaming and routing.
  • Seamless coverage across 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in more than 220 countries - and ability to customise connectivity according to the budgets
  • Full control and management of its eSIMs through a customised service portal
  • Maximum security through the use of Virtual Private Networks

For more information about how Telecom26’s eSIMS can help your business please contact us: 

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