IoT connectivity for remote healthcare

We provide flexible, secure IoT connectivity for remote healthcare and telemedicine applications. The connectivity we offer enables an ever-expanding range of diagnostic, data collection and incident response services, bringing optimised coverage wherever it is needed. We collaborate with partners to customise our solutions and to ensure privacy.

End-to-end IoT connectivity for healthcare applications

Secure data collection and distribution, gather vital information

Our network is unrivalled, which means we can deliver highly localised private coverage, nomadic networks for device connectivity, as well as reach the most remote locations.

Coverage can be offered directly, or as wireless backup to existing data connections, ensuring resilience and reliability. Active network selection ensures consistent connectivity.

Enabling Global IoT Solutions

Enabling Global IoT Solutions

Telecom26 simplifies Global Connectivity as a Service. Read our latest overview to find out how we enable critical communication and IoT connections anywhere in the world.

effective remote healthcareIoT connectivity for healthcare

Global IoT connectivity from Telecom26 for remote healthcare and telemedicine offers the flexibility to solve any communications challenge. As well as secure coverage, we support full inbound and outbound roaming, with optimised QoS to suit specific requirements.

We can enable remote device authentication using information derived from the mobile network, as well as IMEI and MAC address. This protects valuable equipment and ensures correlation with clinicians. Private APNs and VPN tunnelling are available.

Devices, people, places.

  • Proactive, managed security and policy control
  • Active network selection and resilience
  • Enable any remote data collection and transfer
  • Comprehensive management portal and control
  • Inbound and outbound roaming

Integrated IoT solutions for remote healthcareEfficient collection and distribution of medical data, with secure aggregation

Connect multiple local devices to disparate control applications, securely and with full compliance to relevant legislation. We offer robust, seamless coverage, for the most remote locations, driving effective healthcare and telemedicine delivery for global programmes.

Our growing ecosystem of partners depends on Telecom26 to protect their data, provide secure, private connections and to ensure full interoperability with public networks.

Remote healthcare diagram

The network Optimise connectivity and coverage for your needs

Our global footprint allows us to optimise the connectivity and coverage we offer to suit your application, whether for seamless connectivity, or dedicated, private networks.

We provide expert domain knowledge to ensure we understand what you need and deliver an SLA to suit your requirements. We take care of connectivity, while you focus on your business growth.

Network map